Flappy Bird

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Flappy Bird is an arcade game in which you have to help a bird overcome many pipes along the road. Be careful because of the various heights of pipes.

In this game, you will see a small yellow bird with a rather special appearance. The beak is red and the eyes are quite large. His name is Faby. You think the birds won't have trouble moving because they can fly. However, the bird in this game needs your help because he is learning to fly. You have to make it wriggle through the gaps of the pipes. Don't think this is simple work. If there is a list of the most difficult games in the world, I think this game would appear on that list.

The problems you have to face in Flappy Bird

The adventure of the new bird learning to fly will be very interesting. You will not encounter monsters or sharp spikes. The bird's obstacles are pipes appearing above the sky and the earth. A pipe in the sky is opposite a pipe on the ground. Between them, there is a space for the bird to fly through. With different heights, the spaces will also appear in different locations. The difficulty here is that these pairs of tubes are near together, so it is necessary to control the bird flexibly and skillfully.

Score points for overcoming obstacles

This game has a fairly simple scoring system. Each time you pass a pair of tubes, you will score a point. If you want to score hundreds of points, you have to pass hundreds of pairs of green pipes. If you are a beginner, it will be quite frustrating to have to play over and over again. However, you can keep the bird flying longer after many tries. Players will be awarded a bronze medal if they score 10 or more. If they score twenty points or more, they win a silver medal. In addition, gold medals for 30 points or more and platinum medals for 40 points. Try to score as many points as possible to challenge every other gamer around the world.

The mechanics of Flappy Bird

As you know, this game is famous for its difficulty. For some players, it can even make them angry. Are you wondering if it has a very difficult gameplay with complicated controls? In fact, this game has a simple, gentle gameplay. Players will control the bird Faby moving continuously to the right. This little bird will automatically go down if you do not click or touch the screen. Of course, you can't just hold the left mouse button all the time because flying too high can also put the bird in danger. Take the bird through the gap without touching the pipe. Otherwise, you will have to start the game again. No one will be happy when they are going to reach hundreds of points, but an accident makes them start from 0. However, if you get a high score, you can press the share button to show off your score to your friends.

Some tips and cheats to play Flappy

This game is quite difficult and is loved and experienced by a large number of players. Therefore, there were a lot of notes for new players. Here are a few helpful tactics we've come up with.

It's better to be on time

The most important skill is to tap or click the mouse on time. The bird can fly down automatically or fly too high when you keep clicking too long. Therefore, you need to estimate the time to fly up or fly down to go through the gap. The peaks and dips are short enough to fit through the pipes. You should tap or click quickly and regularly.

Do not be disturbed

When playing games, you can turn off unnecessary notifications. There's nothing worse than being bothered when you're about to get a high score. Calls or advertising announcements can cause your bird to hit the pipe.

Keep the bird in the middle

Some Flappy Bird players mistakenly believe that flying at the top makes it easier to get through the pipes. However, this is not true. Because when the bird comes down from the top, it will be very fast and difficult for the player to control it to fly in the middle to go through the pipe. Therefore, you should keep the bird in the middle to easily react when the space is too high or too low.

Bigger is better

When playing games, you should play on devices with large screens. If you play on mobile, you should play in full screen mode. This way, you can see details and obstacles more clearly. From there, you can easily estimate clicks and taps.

More information about Flappy Bird

This game was developed by a Vietnamese game programmer named Nguyen Ha Dong. On May 24, 2013, this game was released on the Apple App Store. Then, it became a craze experienced by many gamers and streamers and they left many positive feedbacks. On December 3. Flappy Bird is in the overall App Store charts. By December, the game was in the top 250 US free apps.

Some features of this game

Now, Flappy Bird appears on our web. Players can play this game on a desktop or mobile because of its HTML5 technology. Moreover, you don't need to install the game. It is playable directly on the web browser.

This game is designed in a very simple way, so everyone enjoys it. Children can experience this game and enhance their patience and reflexes. Besides, it also helps them entertain themselves after a long day.
Retro images with simple drawings and catchy sounds will not tend to be violent or rebellious. Therefore, parents can rest assured when children play this game. With just a few simple steps, anyone can enjoy this Flabby game.
This game has simple controls. You can click the left mouse button to control the bird when you play on the desktop. If you play on a tablet or mobile, you just tap the screen to play.