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12 MiniBattles

About 12 MiniBattles

Experience moments of excitement in the game 12 MiniBattles. This is a fighting game with many players, your task is to confront other groups of players.

This physics-based video game has a variety of game modes that may be selected at will, including sniper combat and soccer matches, among others. One button controls the action in each of the games, making them simple to learn and ensuring that players have the opportunity to have the most fun possible.

This engaging gameplay is sure to keep you and a buddy occupied for a good portion of the day. Participate in all of the games, and spend a lot of time trying to outplay your pals.

Addictive gameplay

Inside just one game, you'll find a variety of minigames waiting for you, including Golf, wrestling, Axe Battle, Football, Duels, Soccer Physics, and Mace Battle. In order to complete the objective of the Golf game, you will need to get the ball into the hole in the middle of the screen three times in a row.

When engaging in Axe Battles, Mace Battles, or Duels, you are required to strike your opponent a total of three times with the weapon in your possession. Some of these battles will take place in the wild west, some in ancient times with Vikings, and some in the middle ages with pacemen or archers.

Other duels will take place in ancient times with pacemen or archers. In the fight that you are going to have against your close friend, you need to make sure that you get all of the ammunition that is floating in the air before your rival does and kills you.

Special features of the game

  • Play a variety of randomly generated games, including some fan-made versions of classic games like Rooftop Snipers and Soccer Physics.
  • Simple operation using only one button
  • Gameplay is both addicting and difficult.