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About 2048

2048 is a challenging puzzle game for all ages. Even if you don't like numbers, this game will keep you hooked. Find a way to match the number 2048.

Gabriele Cirulli an Italian web developer who is currently 19 years old, came up with the idea for the puzzle game 2048 in March of 2014. The goal of the game is to combine numbered squares on a square grid by sliding them into adjacent squares in order to produce a square with a value of 2048.

Features of this smart game

  • Traditional gameplay with fluid and fluidly-animated motions
  • To move swipe anywhere on the screen (not just on the board)
  • Use the undo button to cancel a swipe.
  • Comprehensive data, including the highest possible scores
  • Always free and there is no need to make a purchase
  • The original version of the puzzle game in its official form

How do you play this fascinating game

  • To move the tiles, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. When two tiles with the same number come into contact with one another, they combine into a single tile!