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Baldi's Basics

About Baldi's Basics

Are you a brave person? Join now Baldi's Basics this is a creepy horror game set in a school setting, this game will help you get the answer yourself.

In general, horror is a relatively famous genre among gamers. Most of the dramatic aspects of this game genre have been exploited. Some games require the player to fight or hide from fearsome monsters. However, even the most terrible ideas become predictable after a period of intense development of so many games. That's why visionaries really need to think creatively and develop novel concepts to counter that. In this case, that's exactly what happened. Baldi's Basics is a game with so many exploited and creative horror aspects that the player can't predict what might happen.

The main character is greeted in a class by a silly-looking elementary school teacher and this is where it all begins.

Addictive gameplay

  • To move and attack you press the WASD key.
  • To explore look left and right you use the mouse.
  • Hold shift to run for a moment.
  • Use SPACEBAR to quickly look behind you.
  • To obtain items and interact with the environment, left click.

The task is to collect seven notebooks that are scattered among the classes. Discovering them is just the beginning. There are several math problems for each.