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Block Puzzle

About Block Puzzle

Block Puzzle is the most unique puzzle game today for you to entertain and train your intelligence. Arrange colored blocks in rows or squares to remove them.

This easy yet addicting puzzle game requires you to maintain your composure and keep your board free of obstructions while the action heats up. By the blocks, you may form gapless lines of blocks in either the vertical or horizontal directions. When a line of this kind is constructed, it is immediately severed.

How to win the game

  • To move the blocks, just drag them in the desired direction.
  • Make an effort to make complete lines either vertically or horizontally on the grid.
  • You are unable to rotate blocks.
  • No time constraints.

Outstanding features of the game

  • Simple to learn, yet difficult and complex to become proficient in
  • Graphics that are breathtaking to look at and an amazing score
  • Stunningly simple and uncomplicated, with no pressure and no time constraint
  • The ideal game for stimulating the mind while taking up very little of your time.
  • Concoct the ideal tactic, and maintain the cleanliness of your lines by using an infinite number of blocks