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About Blockpost

Blockpost is a fiery dramatic shooter that offers thrilling fights. You will join other players to fight cunning enemies that attack fiercely for victory.

The next dramatic tactical shooter from Skullcap Studios' blocky game universe is called Blockpost. While maintaining the stormy nature of traditional online first-person shooters, the game introduces a new level of play at the intersection of the most relevant and beloved genres, raved about by many gamers. Heat in all ages is known worldwide. Join our large, friendly community and show off your abilities in the first place!

There are more than fifty distinct models of weaponry available in the game, with the option to improve them. Some examples include:

  • Fixed-blade and folding knives (karambit, balisong, and others).
  • Pistols with varying firepower and rate.
  • Submachine guns are made by renowned arms producers.
  • Rifles with smoothbores and shotguns.
  • Sniper guns, automatic and semi-automatic rifles.
  • Hand grenades and powerful machine guns.

How to be this action game

  • Use WASD to move
  • Mouse to aim and shoot
  • SPACEBAR to jump and NUMBER KEYS to change weapons.
  • Use the coins you win as rewards to upgrade your character skins and their weapons so you become stronger and can handle all the players from all over the world!