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Bob the Robber

About Bob the Robber

Bob the Robber is the most loved platform game today. You will transform into a thief named Bob with his kindness stealing from the rich to give to the poor.

Your ability to pick locks and commit burglaries will allow you to steal from the wealthy and donate to the needy. Stealthily go through each level, scooping up riches while attempting to avoid being discovered.

How to Perform

Stealthily make your way through each level without setting off any alarms. Maintain your composure around the surveillance cameras, and unless you want problems, don't let the guards notice you. You need to be sneaky if you want to take anything from your heist adventure since there will be secret riches, doors that are closed, hostile guards, and other obstacles. If you are caught, the level will be considered a failure.

You have the ability to attack guards, but you must do it at the appropriate moment. You may also disable lasers to escape detection, pick door locks, and eventually steal as much as possible. You remind me of a modern-day version of Robin Hood.


  • Web browser

This fascinating game is developed by which company

  • Bob the Robber is made by Funtomic.

The key to taking command of the game

  • WASD or arrow keys to play.
  • Space bar to attack the guard.