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Bob the Robber 3

About Bob the Robber 3

The 3rd version of the hit game Bob the Robber 3 will give players a new experience compared to previous versions. It's time for you to turn into a super thief.

In most cases, being a successful robber would bring about the worst sort of attention; but, this is not the case with our neighborhood crook Bob in the third installment of the Bob the Robber series! This third chapter is the continuation of the series, and it follows Bob as he goes on an exciting new journey. His abilities have drawn the attention of a military intelligence outfit, which has therefore extended an employment offer to him. Now he has to pull off a major robbery that is unlike any other! Put on your disguise and work with him to figure out the secrets that surround the top-secret base as you make your way through the levels.

Bob is prepared to confront whatever a top-secret military installation has in store for trespassers who are looking to make a quick buck off of their avarice. As you go through the levels toward the safe, your mission is to locate and read all of the concealed papers that have been buried there. It is impossible to have sufficient security at a top-secret facility without installing surveillance cameras, manning it with stern guards, and erecting a number of technological barriers. Bob is resolved to pull off this robbery successfully despite the fact that it will not be simple. It is possible to deceive security cameras! They won't be able to capture anything if they can't see it! Make use of the shadows as a place to hide, and remain motionless until you are in a position to flee to safety! Once you have blended in with the darkness, no one will be able to see you. The dark bags under the eyes of the guards and their slow motions are both telltale signs of the poor working conditions that exist at this location. Hold off on knocking them out till the appropriate moment comes up. However, take precautions! Even though they look to be sleeping, the guards are still huge, powerful people, and if they catch you, they won't let you go even if they don't want to. Locked doors are an additional form of challenge that need you to devise a strategy to overcome them. Bob can open the vast majority of locks with his trusty lock pick, but in order to get through certain electronic doors, he will need to adopt a different strategy. You will need to unlock various devices in order to pass through some of the locked doors and figure out some of the new riddles. We are crossing our fingers that your utility belt still has several empty compartments!

Release year of this popular game

  • July 2016


  • Bob The Robber 3 is developed by Meow Beast.

How to control the game

  • AD or left/right arrow to move
  • W or up arrow to interact

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