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Brawl Stars

About Brawl Stars

Enjoy the crazy moments in the game Brawl Stars that will make you have moments of fun. This is a fascinating game you can completely win or lose.

The best features of the game

  • Intense representation of three against three.
  • At whatever cost, you must manage to stay alive during the assault of your adversaries.
  • At all times, you should watch your back.
  • Learn new moves and talents to give yourself an advantage over your foes.
  • Get the highest possible position on the scoreboard.
  • Discuss potential offensive moves with your teammates, and then engage in combat together.
  • Confront a wide variety of obstacles, and uncover new territories.

Unlock a wide variety of extraordinary strikes and work on improving your abilities to ensure victory over your rivals. Find your way through hundreds of unknown locales that are full of obstructions and hurdles in order to discover the quickest route to eliminate your adversary's squad while doing nearly little harm. Engage in combat in a number of unexplained settings, accumulating a sufficient number of stars with each win to thwart your opponents' attempts to steal your stars.

How to play

  • Combine mouse and keyboard to play