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Introduction to the game Conundrum

Do you want to experience the feeling of escaping from prison? Conundrum is a puzzle game that allows you to transform into a prisoner and find a way to escape.

In Conundrum players take on the role of a prisoner who has been wrongfully accused of a crime and must escape from their cell in order to clear their name. The game is set in a highly secured prison environment, with obstacles such as locked doors, security cameras, and guards standing in the way of the player's escape.

To escape from the prison, players must use their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to decipher clues, solve puzzles, and unlock doors. The game also requires players to be strategic and observant, as they must avoid detection by guards and navigate through the prison's complex layout.

Fun features of the game

  • Puzzle-solving: Prison escape games usually require the player to solve a series of puzzles or challenges in order to progress through the game. These puzzles may involve finding and using items, manipulating objects, or decoding clues.
  • Stealth and evasion: As the player attempts to escape from the prison, they must avoid detection by guards and security cameras. This often requires the player to use stealth and evasion, such as hiding in shadows, sneaking past guards, or distracting them with objects.
  • Crafting and resource management: Some prison escape games may include elements of crafting and resource management, where the player must gather materials and craft tools to aid in their escape.
  • Multiple paths and endings: Many prison escape games offer multiple paths to escape and multiple endings depending on the player's actions and choices throughout the game.
  • Realistic setting: Prison escape games often have a highly realistic setting, with detailed environments and realistic sound effects to create a convincing prison atmosphere.

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How to win the game

  • Follow the instructions: The game will provide you with instructions on how to navigate and interact with the environment. You may move around the prison by clicking on different areas of the screen, or by using the arrow keys on your keyboard.
  • Solve puzzles: Conundrum Prison Break is a puzzle game, and you will need to solve various puzzles to progress through the game. Puzzles may involve finding hidden objects, deciphering codes, or manipulating objects in the environment.
  • Avoid detection: You will need to be careful and avoid detection by guards and security cameras. Be aware of your surroundings, stay hidden, and make use of the environment to distract guards if needed.
  • Collect items: You may find items throughout the game that can be used to solve puzzles or aid in your escape. Make sure to collect everything you find and think creatively about how to use them.
  • Escape the Prison: The ultimate goal of the game is to escape the prison by unlocking doors, solving puzzles, and avoiding detection. Keep working through the challenges until you finally escape the prison and win the game.