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Cookie Clicker City

About Cookie Clicker City

Cookie Clicker City is a game that someone like you can hardly refuse. Exciting and full of new things, this will be the ideal game for you to relieve stress.

The breathtaking setting will become immediately apparent as soon as the game gets underway. In this region, the passage of time is determined by the natural day-night cycle.

You will need to click on the largest cake that has been moved to a different region in order to produce a large number of unique smaller cakes. Use the cake that is produced to purchase helpful items that will assist you in the formation of a modern city using a cake that is produced to purchase useful objects that will assist you in the formation of a modern city using the cake that is produced to transform the land from being undeveloped to appearing modern. Remember that having patience with time will be of great use to you when it comes to manufacturing a huge quantity of cakes. The items and infrastructure that you acquire will be of significant assistance to you in increasing the number of cakes.

The game was created via a total of five separate stages of development. You have access to a maximum of 18 different buildings, each of which may assist you in expanding your city and increasing its level of productivity. There are around 600 different upgrades and 700 different accomplishments to be unlocked in this game. Additionally, there is a great deal of intriguing stuff to unearth.

It is a simple strategy that you should try to save cookies and increase the number of cookies received with each click in order to increase the total amount of cookies you get while playing the game.

How do you play this game?

  • Click to play
  • To buy the structure you want, click the home icon.
  • To upgrade, click the arrow icon.
  • To see your city's achievements, click the cup icon.
  • To set up the game to your liking, click the wheel icon.