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About Crazynite.io

Crazynite.io is a melee fighting game with enemies attacking you everywhere. Fight with a warrior spirit and defeat all opponents who want to attack you.

At first, the player uses a parachute to fly down an island. You have time to decide on a place and a piece of land. As soon as you arrive, start looking for weapons. At first, you only have a knife, which is a strong weapon but a bit melee. Use a variety of weapons, including daggers, revolvers, shotguns, double-barreled guns, submachine guns, machine guns, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, cannons, sniper rifles, and laser beams, players engage in combat on an island in Crazynite.io.

To defend themselves, players can set up barricades everywhere. There are many explosive barrels on the island, which can tear everyone in their path. Players parachute onto the island, search for weapons, then compete to find out who is the greatest.

You can also buy supplies, such as wood, to support your defense. Then you can build buildings and walls with these resources! The game is fun and the aesthetics are great. Can you make it through the chaotic night and be the last one left?

How to play the game

To move, press WASD. Left click to shoot after setting your aim. Right clicking lets you build walls, pressing E brings up an item and toggle lets you run.