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Cross Stitch

About Cross Stitch

No more fear of getting hurt by needles, Cross Stitch is a free embroidery game that allows you to create your own creation with great ease.

It's easy to learn and create works with the colors you love. Relax and develop your creativity with amazing and amazing photorealism and loads of amazing designs, though it will take endless patience to complete all the works of the art small that the game will give you!

You can Play a relaxing cross-stitch game on your PC or mobile phone and have fun creating designs! Look at the sample images carefully, choose a color, and fill in the gaps indicated with the number corresponding to the right color. There are 50 gorgeous illustrations, arranged from simplest to toughest by the degree of difficulty! The illustrations are chosen to appeal to both males and girls, young and old.

How to control

  • Scroll to zoom in/out
  • B to paint tool
  • H let the tool move
  • Drag right-click to move the canvas
  • Left-click to color/move the canvas.

Developer of the game Cross Stitch

  • CodersElectronics is the creator of this extremely attractive game.

Playable platforms

  • Android
  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)