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Crossy Road

About Crossy Road

Explore your intersection with Crossy Road. This is a typical arcade game for you to experience. Your task is to help the chicken cross the crowded streets.

The most outstanding features of the game

  • Up to 150 characters are inspired by classic characters with a popular style but also add many new parts.
  • The road is endless, players will experience tracks, rivers, and paths of many kinds of animals.
  • Android Robot can help you avoid traffic jams in the land of sweets.
  • Easy, colorful, and creative gameplay
  • No cost to use

Effective Tactics

  • Don't be afraid to step back: You have a moment to step back and reevaluate if you don't like what you see. Avoid staying there for too long. Avoid being caught by the big bird.
  • Calculating before jumping: It's simple to detect gaps if you check a lane in advance. However, that does not guarantee that the opening will always exist. Something will eventually emerge to propel you forward.
  • Coins don't really matter. Earning money is beneficial, but avoid taking unnecessary risks just to earn a dime. You should not sacrifice your ring in exchange for a coin.

How to win the game

  • In this game, you move the character with arrow keys.
  • You can make more quick judgments by swerving to the left or right if you need to dodge a train, wait for a log in a river, or avoid a car on the road.