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Cubes 2048.io

About Cubes 2048.io

Cubes 2048.io is the perfect match of two of today's most popular games. You will control a snake created by numbers with a play style of 2048.

Snake and 2048 are harmoniously combined in the addicting and distinctive multiplayer puzzle game known as Cubes 2048.io! Are you prepared to collect cubes and develop your snake as large as you can in order to become the longest and largest snake on the screen?

Run across a stage filled with opponents, consuming the lesser ones while avoiding the larger ones. To raise the size and quantity of your cubes and reach the greatest figure, combine identical figures to win the game.

Tips to help you stay on top of this game

  • As long as your opponents' blocks are smaller than your own, you can chop through them and seize them.
  • To overtake your opponents rapidly, use the speed power-up.
  • To get away and catch up to other players, use your general boost.
  • Avoid using the division symbol since it will cut your numbers in half.

How to control the game


  • Move the mouse: change the direction
  • Hold left-click speed up


  • Drag: move
  • Double tap: speed up