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About Cuphead

The classic shooting game called Cuphead is a game that drives the gaming community crazy. New and unique experiences make players passionate.

How to control this classic game

You can get right into the action with the lovable Cuphead character as you start playing this game. Your character will automatically spin around once they come into contact with a wall. Therefore, in order to collect the money, all you have to do is jump over the various obstructions. Once you have accumulated a sufficient number of coins, you will be able to go on to the next level if you let Cuphead through the door.

Every level has its own unique setting and atmosphere, which are reflected in the bosses that appear there. In addition to this, the number of obstacles that you need to face is growing while simultaneously getting more perilous. However, you shouldn't worry too much since the bigger the risk, the more valuable the reward will be.

If you are playing this game on your phone, you can move about by touching the screen. If you are playing it on a computer, you may use the mouse.