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Dino Game

About Dino Game

The Google endless runner game called Dino Game is growing in popularity. The dinosaur running on the endless road attracts players of all ages.

Game tips for you to help the dinosaur run the longest distance

The dino can avoid barriers by leaping early. This lets the dino hop or leap over the cactus instead of waiting to fight it. If you meet pterodactyls later in the Dino Game, duck early.

Assuming the T-Rex is alive is challenging due to its speed. However, seeing the dinosaur stand still while the scenery and obstacles move will improve game control and play. Standing still and jumping over obstacles is better than sprinting, jumping, and ducking.

Pterodactyls attack the T-Rex on land and air. Dinosaurs must duck to avoid aerial predators. Leaping avoids most flying reptiles. Until the pterodactyl attacks from behind, don't duck.

How to play this world's most famous game

To begin playing, either press the button labeled "Space" or tap anywhere on the screen. You may choose to have a player's name shown on the leaderboard. You also have the option to sign up with a team or a nation. Simply touch on it where it appears on the leaderboard. There is also a Multiplayer mode, which can be accessed by selecting "Start Battle" from the available options in the main menu of the game. Let's try to get a high score by making the T-Rex jump, shall we?