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Duck Life

About Duck Life

Duck Life is a fascinating adventure game in which you will be responsible for preparing the duck for a number of competitions. Help the duck win.

Because all that lies ahead is determined by a single, insignificant duck, you had better get started on training it as soon as possible. Before putting your duck in a race, you must first teach it three different skills so that it may demonstrate its full potential in this game. Only then can you hope to emerge victorious. You may get started with the game right away by choosing the "play" option from the main menu. At the very top of the screen, specific information that pertains to your duck will be shown. There are many different race branches that your duckling has achieved in accordance with their level, and they are among them. You are skilled in the areas of swimming, flying, and running. To improve a skill, you must first choose the "Train" option, and then pick a course of action from the accompanying menu. When you initially attend a training session, you will get instructions on the controls, as well as information regarding the session's overall purpose. You need to challenge yourself to go as far as you possibly can. When you are out and about, keep an eye out for any coins you may come over, and remember to pick them up. You may spend them in the in-game shop to buy seeds to improve your duck's health and to customize your duck's appearance. In addition to that, you may use them to purchase other things. Once you're ready, you may join a race!

How to play

  • You may go ahead by using the UP ARROW KEY, or you can move backward by pressing the DOWN ARROW KEY.
  • Simply clicking the left button of the mouse will cause you to jump.

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