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Duck Life Space

About Duck Life Space

Duck Life Space is a unique fun adventure game for you to enjoy. The duck's crown has been stolen, join a fiery race with other ducks to get the crown back.

Features of the game Duck Life Space

  • Six worlds with unique alien duck species
  • There are six skills to become an expert in, and 24 minigames to help you get there.
  • Dress up your duck team in fashionable headwear, doo-rags, and outfits.
  • Music that is mesmerizing, perfect for accompanying the ethereal quality of the universe.

How to play

Hone your skills

You may train your duck's flying, running, swimming, and leaping abilities, similar to what was available in the previous Duck Life games. Nevertheless, there is an additional skill available to you in Duck Life: Space, and that is Intelligence.

Finish quests

To reclaim your title as world champion, you will need to compete in various races and minigames across the galaxy. Every fascinating new world you explore will present you with a different set of tasks to overcome. After you have triumphed in the duck race on that world and are ready to go on to the next location, you will be one step closer to regaining what rightfully belongs to you.

Get some things.

You can create an elite fleet of devoted avian racers by acquiring extra ducks for your team from the shop. This will allow you to add more ducks to your crew. You can purchase new ducks, as well as clothes, caps, and hairstyles, to make sure that you are both knowledgeable and fashionable at the same time.