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About Ducklings

Ducklings is a fun game that is sure to captivate you. With a unique way of playing, you transform into a duck who loves his wife to find lost ducklings.

How to play

Rescue Ducklings

You should swim all the way around the lake and then float near the ducklings to save them. Bring the ducklings back to the nest where they were born. You have the option of rescuing any number of baby ducks on each excursion.

Your nest receives an improvement whenever the predetermined minimum number of ducklings is reached. Keep on doing what you're doing to save ducklings until your nest is a formidable duck stronghold that can't be taken lightly.

Avoid Danger!

You will not be playing Ducklings.io by yourself. Other ducks are also competing to rescue the ducklings, and they won't think twice about taking all of the ducklings you've worked so hard to raise. Keep an eye out for sly ducks, and try your best to avoid being run over by a boat. If a boat manages to strike you, then the game is finished for you!