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About Dudeball

Dudeball is a game that challenges you to cross an iceberg. To successfully overcome obstacles, choose the right shooting angle. Challenge yourself in this game.

In the video game Dudeball, you have to demonstrate dexterity as you make your way across the floating ice in order to reach the flag and finish the level. After adjusting the strength and angle of the huge yeti that will be your first attacker, you may then go. If you use your parachute to slow down throughout your descent toward the ice, you should be able to land safely. As you go through the game, other obstacles, such as turtles, and tools to help you achieve your goal will progressively become available to you. At each level, you are required to complete all three of the courses offered. To gain three stars, you must finish all three challenges! You will need a certain amount of stars to go through the levels, therefore it is important that you strive to finish each and every one of the challenges. Coins are available for you to collect as you go. You may use them toward the purchase of extra products from the menu, such as parachutes, aero suits, and other things.

How to help you play this game

You may customize the angle at which you fire by using the left and right arrow keys or the right mouse button.
Pressing the W key, the up arrow, or using the left mouse button
Use the down arrow key or the W key to open the parachute.