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Family Feud

About Family Feud

Are you ready to participate in this fascinating Family Feud quiz game? In this game, your task is to solve the puzzle as quickly as possible to win.

This immensely famous television game show served as both an inspiration for and a basis for the creation of the official online version of the original Family Feud game.

This modern take on the classic board game brings it right into your living room, so you can indulge in some Family Feud whenever the need and the mood strikes! And since the Arkadium team adds brand new questions and answers on a regular basis, you may continue to experience the exhilaration of playing Feud for many months or even years to come!

The score may finally be settled with the help of our completely free online game. Have a ton of fun while playing the official Family Feud game online at Arkadium and guessing the most popular answers, which are all based on the replies of survey responses!

There are several possible responses to each question; nevertheless, the top responses (those that were chosen the most often by the people who participated in the poll) are worth the most points. The first three rounds of trivia in every game of Family Feud are timed, and players have to correctly estimate the most correct answers to each question before the clock runs out.

No need to worry about spelling

You are asked to enter your answer when playing Family Feud. For the typical individual involved in this game, this may seem a bit overwhelming. Good luck, the Family Feud game does an excellent job of automatically predicting what you're trying to write. If you want to type the word "Caesar", but you don't know how to spell it, you should try your best anyway. Even just typing the first two letters of a word brings up a bunch of other words for you to choose from.

If these things give you a headache, let the Flappy Bird relax a bit and continue on.

Keep an eye on the Clock!

You only have a few seconds to come up with your answer before you're forced to move on to the next question, and it's tempting to want to use Google or the internet to help you think of an answer. Remember that you are being tested for information that you already own because this is a quiz game.

You still have a chance to win the competition if the last lap is a speed lap, even if you didn't win in the previous three rounds. You will quickly become a Family Feud expert if you work hard and rely on the information you already know.