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Foggy Fox

About Foggy Fox

Get ready to enjoy the exciting experience that the Foggy Fox game brings to you. This is a fun action 3D role-playing game for you to play with your friends.

In the captivating role-playing video game Foggy Fox, a crafty and cunning fox named Foggy invites you to take part in an exciting three-dimensional adventure. You will have to make your way through a one-of-a-kind environment that is full of deadly foes and traps while doing your best to save your life and get riches along the way.

This enthralling trip will take you through a magical world, and although there will be creatures and magic spells along the way, they won't be the only surprise things you'll have the opportunity to encounter along the route. You can unlock new worlds by using your wits, but more important, by using the keys you discover as you go through the game. Meanwhile, you may improve your defenses by acquiring new weapons and armor along the journey. Will you have enough wits about you to make it through these gloomy lands?

How to controls

  • To move use WASD or arrow keys
  • To attack -use CTRL, X or ERROR
  • To interact use the E or DOWN key
  • To avoid using spaces, C or K
  • To pause using ESC