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Friday Night Funkin’

About Friday Night Funkin'

Friday Night Funkin' is a music game that is no stranger to young people around the world. Exciting music needs you to conquer with your quick ability.

Friday Night Funkin' (often abbreviated as FNF) is a musical rhythm game that was developed by ninjamuffin99. In this game, you have to use the allure of music to win over the heart of your lover's formerly famous musician father. In order to win his favor, you will need to compete in freestyle music fights for numerous weeks. To gain an advantage over your competitors, time your presses of the arrow keys to the beat of the music. In the story mode, you have to sing along with your opponent by using the WASD and Arrow keys to imitate their singing. The first few tracks have straightforward beats, but as the album progresses, duets are introduced, which significantly complicate the rhythms. You may also take advantage of the free-play mode in this game and take in all of the excellent music and characters it has to offer. Feel free to customize the level of difficulty to suit your needs, and get ready to vibe out!

How to start the game to conquer the difficult dad

  • To get an advantage over your rivals, time your presses of the WASD or arrow keys to the beat of the music. Once you have finished the instructional level, you can either move on to the next part of the tale or enter free-play mode, where you can compete against any of the fictional characters from the game.
  • When playing the story mode, you have the option to customize the difficulty to match your skill level.
  • Controls for the volume: "+" and "-" to increase or reduce the volume, and "0" to mute the microphone. Choose - Press Enter Go back - Escape