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Fury Wars

About Fury Wars

Are you ready to join the fiery battles? Fury Wars is the most intense multiplayer shooter today, opponents are waiting for you to join to destroy you.

The Fury Wars video game developed by Full HP Ltd when it was released was a huge hit and won the hearts of shooting action game fans everywhere. Gather all the live characters, equip them with exciting weapons, battle groups of enemies in a variety of breathtaking scenarios, earn coins to improve your gear, and continue to rise to the top .

Players can actively choose notable game modes such as "Escort", "Golden Run", and "Death Match" which offer real-time, intense competition with other players. unlike any other online fighting game with multiplayer. Play this game with your friends and family, it's time to show off your fighting skills.

Interesting things of the game

  • Incredibly slick designs for both firearms and characters!
  • Heroes that are known all over the world with a graphic design that is a little bit odd but strong!
  • Special abilities and superpowers that are exclusive to each fighter!
  • The protagonists of these first-person shooting games played online are not your typical heroes. Employ super attacks to reduce your foes to mincemeat and hot dogs, or to send them running and screaming from your presence.
  • Prominent game options are found in shooters! In addition, there will be a team deathmatch, escort, and gold rush!
  • Is it tactical or is it not? Merely take pleasure in the fantastic venue! Accompany the enormous Machine all the way to the opponents' stronghold, where you can protect, assault, and deliver a devastating blow to them!

The guidelines to play

  • Move with WASD or Arrows Keyboard
  • Attack the opponent by pressing Left Mouse
  • Special attack press Space bar