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Geometry Dash Bloodbath

About Geometry Dash Bloodbath

Geometry Dash Bloodbath action adventure game offers players many difficult obstacles to overcome. Use your skills to overcome all dangerous situations.

You will have the chance to take part in an exciting journey of the soul if you choose to play this game. A few of decades ago, the spirits were acutely aware of the decline in their capabilities. As a result, after a lengthy excursion around the universe, they made the decision to go back to their original dwelling place. In order for them to make it back to their homeland, they had to look for space portals. The Bloodbath space doorway is being used as a transportation method by the ghosts. The journey is treacherous and the souls are prevented from going back home because of the spikes, demons, and other very high hurdles. They have attempted it on several occasions but have never given up. They are opposed by the God of Death, yet they continue to prevail over every obstacle.

How to play this amazing game

It is necessary to leap or fly upward in order to escape any danger in this game, whether it is spikes, lofty walls, creatures, or anything else. They are there in large numbers and line the path. Be mindful that in the event that you unexpectedly collide with them, you will be reset to the beginning of the level. Maintaining a high degree of concentration, reacting quickly, and tapping the screen at the proper time are thus the only things you need to do to successfully avoid all hazards in the game. You may do double jumps by using the bright jump pads and orbs that are located throughout the path. You will also go through a number of portals as you go down the path. Your appearance will be transformed when you pass through these portals.

How to master the game

  • To leap or soar up click the left mouse button or use the spacebar.