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Gun Mayhem

About Gun Mayhem

Kevin Gu has created a perfect game called Gun Mayhem. This is a fast-paced shooting action game that is perfect for entertaining your friends and family.

Gun Mayhem game helps you have great entertainment moments with lightning-fast gun battles. You have to try to survive by shooting your enemies. If you don't succeed, you should at least try to kill the dead. In each new level, you will need to choose your favorite gun and load it with the necessary accessories. From increased ammo to zero recoils to quadruple jump and many other improvements.

You can play the game alone or with a group of friends and compete with other players who are jumping and shooting explosively. When you slide off the platform, does that mean you automatically lose? When you start to lose your balance, can you quickly regain a stable position? If you're tired of always dressing the same, here's an idea. You can create a new look for yourself by changing not only your clothes but also your hair and skin color. With a variety of difficulty levels ranked. The enjoyment you get from playing this game will stick with you for quite some time. Action in Gun Mayhem is fast and violent, and artificial intelligence is both smart and ruthless. To get past all the bots that stand in your way and rise to the top, you need to think clearly and react quickly. What are you procrastinating to avoid?

The playing guidance

Player 1 Control

  • Arrow keys to move
  • Use the [ key to shoot
  • Use the ] key to bomb

2 . Player Control

  • Use WASD to move
  • Use T to shoot
  • Use Y to bomb

3 . Player Control

  • Numeric keypad / 789 for jumping
  • Numpad * to shoot
  • Numeric keypad - to bomb

4 . Player Control

  • 5123 numeric keypad for movement
  • Number pad 0 to shoot
  • Numeric keyboard. to bomb