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Happy Wheels

About Happy Wheels

The obstacle driving game called Happy Wheels is a game loved by billions of people around the world. You will be amazed by the experience this game brings.

Beginning in a wheelchair, ascend many stairs, and look out for anything that may be falling! Despite the fact that it seems to be pretty simple, a lot of gamers have truly been forced to stop right away. It's possible that your whole head will make contact with the barrier. You won't just lose your equilibrium, but your helmet will as well! If you have been injured, blood will start to stream out of you. The more injuries you take and the harder you want to win, the tougher the game becomes. The change in character indicates the precarious nature of the current situation.

The objective is to get these characters to the finish line while minimizing the number of injuries they incur as much as you can. You may also develop and share your very own one-of-a-kind settings with the help of the extensive level editor. You may play any of the featured levels, which are the best levels in the game, or one of the more than 10 million user-created levels that are currently accessible. If you're fearless and willing to take on the game's most challenging challenges, Happy Wheels is without a doubt the right game for you to play. Do you think you'll be able to do the duties without getting any cuts or bruises?

How to play character control

There is the option of moving ahead as well as leaping. The arrow keys, along with a few other keys, may be used to navigate the site.

  • Make use of the arrow keys to navigate around.
  • To begin you must activate the first button by pressing the space bar.
  • Use the Shift or Control keys to perform side actions.
  • Z will eject.

Features of the famous physics-style game

  • There are more than sixty strange and challenging stages.
  • Editor levels that are open to being customized
  • Harpoons, spikes, mines, wrecking balls, and other similarly challenging obstacles
  • Fluid graphics combined with accurate physical modeling