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Hero 2 Super Kick

About Hero 2 Super Kick

Are you ready to transform into a giant mutant? Hero 2 Super Kick is an action game that allows you to play the role of a big mutant who goes to destroy enemies.

In the video game Hero 2 Super Kick, you may transform yourself into a giant and strong blue mutant that was inspired by the Incredible Hulk, and then you can get ready to explore the streets and rooftops of the city while getting ready to demolish all of your adversaries in record time.

Smash any of your adversaries with a single lethal strike and shatter them into pieces before you lose your patience. While you clear the city streets of hazardous armed troops, keep a close check on your surroundings, pay attention to the direction from where the bullets are coming, and take a stroll to work off some of your frustration. Take down snipers perched above rooftops, engage in highly realistic physics, and keep fighting no matter how perilous the situation becomes.

The guidelines to play

Just using the space bar will cause you to leap, and then using the left mouse button will cause you to punch the guards, bringing them to the ground. While you are knocking down such a large number of guards, you need to be cautious not to deplete all of your vitality by being shot with weapons.

Are you willing to put yourself in the position of a gigantic superhero?