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About Hobo

Hobo has been a popular game for decades. You will disguise yourself as a drunk and cause trouble all over the city. This will be a whole new experience for you.

Hobo retribution should be carried out.

Walk about the city and start fights at random with other homeless people and those who are just looking on. You will have to pursue them as if you are completely mad since some of them will attempt to attack you first while others will simply be people going about their business. If you want to avoid being attacked, you will have to behave as if you are completely insane.

Find new combinations to use.

As you make your way through the various parts of the city, you will come across a variety of people who will be subjected to new and unpleasant combinations as you continue your journey. You are free to punch, kick, spit, throw up, and engage in a variety of other unpleasant behaviors. You're going to have to play the game in order to find out!

You may give yourself an edge in the fight by making use of objects from the surroundings, such as bottles and garbage cans. The game becomes more difficult as you go, culminating in a boss fight at the end. You have the option of making the challenge more challenging if you feel that it's too easy.


  • Web browser

The year the game was released

  • October 2008

Features of the game you should know

  • Fight it out with everyone you come into contact with.
  • Put the difficulty at a level that can be overcome.
  • As you go, you will unlock additional combo options.
  • Playing Flash games will bring back fond memories.


  • Punching can be done with the letter A,
  • Kicking can be done with the letter S, and movement and running are done, respectively, using the arrow keys.

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