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House of Hazards

About House of Hazards

House of Hazards is a 2D obstacle course game full of fun and challenges for players to conquer. You will help the trouble boys escape from the house.

The mad scientist's home was broken into by a gang of pals who wanted to take something from his creations. But as it turned out, there are several traps around the home. In the game House Of Hazards, the boys are now in danger, and you must assist them in leaving the building. The house's rooms will show up on the screen in front of you. They will contain furniture as well as other things. This collection of items has a lot of traps. You will need to command your hero's running direction using the control keys. Determine what type of trap is waiting for you by paying close attention to the display. Some of them require jumping over, while others need your hero to slither through other traps. Your character will perish if you do not have enough time to react, and you will lose the round.

How do you play this amazing game

Player 1

  • Jump: "W"
  • Move left and right: "A, D"
  • Crouch and Fire: "S"

Player 2:

  • Jump: "I"
  • Move left and right: "J, L"
  • Crouch and Fire: "K"