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Infiltrate the Spaceship

About Infiltrate the Spaceship

One of the best action games that can keep you busy is called Infiltrate the Spaceship. Use your judgment to help the stickman catch the bad guy.

Are you able to make intelligent choices and guide the stickman through this game so that he may accomplish his goals? Ralph the Stickman, who is trying to break into a large airship, is on the hunt for the nefarious Henry. You need to use your wits to lead him so that he may make the proper choice and be successful in everything he does.
At each stage of the game, you will be presented with a variety of different options to choose from. The decisions you make will have a direct impact on how Stickman progresses through the story. Would he, for instance, try to enter the airship by bringing a block of C4 with him? If he wanted to test his luck, he could either knock on the hatch or use a jug of acid. There is a high amount of humor and humorous cut sequences associated with each choice, and each choice has the potential to either result in the game being lost or move the player on to the next level. You need not worry if you choose the wrong choice since you are free to start again at any level or the full assignment from the beginning.

Features of the game you should know

  • Decision-based gaming.
  • Wit and comedy in plenty.
  • Several alternative outcomes and resolutions.

How to control this smart game

  • To make your selections click the left mouse button.

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