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Iron Snout

About Iron Snout

Iron Snout is an online fighting game developed by SnoutUp in which the player takes control of a pig and is tasked with fending off attacks from wolves.

Swipe quickly to help our hero in the bacon pig battle leap over the rocket wolves or duck beneath the swinging wrecking balls. Use strikes that include punching with one finger to throw your opponent's back. This adorable little bacon ninja warrior has the ability to kung fu punch and kick opponent projectiles back at them, much as in another entertaining beat 'em up action game. If you are able to defeat a wolf that is wielding a sword, it will drop its weapon, which your little piggy hero may then pick up and utilize in the fight.

You must use your finest pork chop movements to save hero piggy from the wrath of bacon-hungry wolves using your pork chop actions, so you should understand their assault patterns and respond with your best beat 'em up battle game skills. In the woodland arena, you will face off against opponents with chainsaws, pogo wolves, and granny wolf fighters. Fight your way through a furious pack of skateboarding wolves, a police squad, and wolves while swinging on a wrecking ball or tossing balls at your kung fu master pig in the street combat arena.

How to play the game to help the pig fight the wolves

  • You use the arrow keys to control the shots.