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About iScribble.IO

The best stress reliever game that can be played right now is iScribble.IO. If you are having a hard time dealing with bad feelings let this game help you.

Are you exhausted by the busy lifestyle you lead, which consists of getting up early to go to work or school and then coming back home in the evening? After a stressful day at work, one of your goals is probably to relax and let go of some of that built-up tension by playing a fun game. Come alleviate your stress and get your wish granted by playing the game iScribble.IO.

In contrast to other games with exciting gameplay, iScribble.IO keeps you captivated with its basic ideas and controls, the chance to draw whatever you want, and a culture of healthy competition. You have the option of competing against other players in this game's multiplayer mode to see who can amass the most land and survive the longest. Join us in a game of iScribble.IO, won't you?

Here's how to play this fun game

By drawing a tail in the shape of a line and controlling your square, you may determine your area. You need to create rings that are completely contained in order to assert sovereignty over these playing places. You have the ability to attack other players by colliding with their tails if they have not yet finished the process of establishing a closed circle. On the other hand, you should exercise extreme care if other players get close to you. They may ambush you and then kill you by running into your tail as you tried to escape.