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Jelly Snake

About Jelly Snake

Jelly Snake is the most venomous snake game ever that makes millions of players around the world eager to conquer level 100 of this game. Just play now?

Outstanding Features

  • One-touch jelly snake action that is straightforward but not always simple.
  • There are hundreds of levels, each of which features a variety of obstacles that can rotate, move, and change.
  • In the beginning easy, but quickly became increasingly challenging and wonderful in the later stages
  • Approximately 40 unique jelly snake characters are available.
  • You may fashion your own adorable Jelly Snake out of a ton of different embellishments.
  • It's a lot of fun trying to find all of the Easter eggs that are concealed on the map.

From cute and easy stages to really challenging levels that the developers have retried hundreds of times, this game has it all. You may do this by using Jelly Snakes, which will rotate left and right as you touch them. Gather all of the candy. Take care not to collide with the wall, any obstructions, or even the monsters! Only through the use of your skills can you progress to higher levels. Swap the candies for some adorable snake decorations instead. Coins, which are awarded to you at the end of each level you successfully complete, can be used to purchase more jelly snakes. In the challenge mode, which can be accessed after reaching level 10, try to create the longest jelly snake in the world. Earn medals while playing the challenge mode to unlock unique and special Jelly Snakes. Experiment with a variety of strange stages packed with innovative concepts!