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Lines to Fill

About Lines to Fill

Lines to Fill is a challenging puzzle game that requires you to use your sharpest mind. It's time for you to show your intelligence to your friends.

When playing the puzzle game Lines to Fill, your goal is to fill up the full puzzle form by drawing lines. Simply by moving one of the colored blocks with your finger or the left button of the mouse, you may check to see if there are no empty spaces remaining. Because there is no limit on time and there is no way to fail at the game, you may play it on your desktop computer or on your mobile device and have a relaxing time playing any of the game's hundreds of unique levels. Are you able to set aside some time in order to finish each level?

There are several stages that need to be completed, and each one has a uniquely challenging obstacle. This game takes a different tack than most others in the puzzle genre, and it's a lot of fun to do so. Are you able to complete each level by coloring in the lines?

How to play the game for beginners

  • You may move one of the colorful blocks by dragging it with your finger or the left mouse button.