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Little Panda Fireman

About Little Panda Fireman

Little Panda Fireman is a role-playing game that helps you become an excellent firefighter. A lot of people are in need of your help as flames surround them.

What children know comes from their experiences in real life and in games. These two aspects are combined into an enjoyable experience through the use of role-playing games such as Little Panda Fireman which have become an important component in learning and interpreting the world as perceived by children.

How to play

Choose the fire that needs your attention most, then decide which mode of transport will get you there safely and quickly. Your options include fire trucks and helicopters.

As soon as you arrive at the site, begin assisting the animals by having them safely hop on a hot air balloon and perform other rescue procedures you have been instructed on.

Since the world is filled with creatures of all shapes and sizes, your first priority should be to save the lives of any animals trapped in burning buildings.

Just click on the locations and follow the instructions provided to you, and we're sure you'll soon be able to help Panda become the best firefighter on the team thanks to your efforts.

Fun features

  • Try your hand at a variety of exciting responsibilities and jobs.
  • Engage in competitive problem-solving by playing interactive games
  • Would you please come to our aid and save the day?