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About LOLShot.io

LOLShot.io is a definite dramatic shooting game that will make you feel relaxed and have great entertainment moments. Join friends and family for extra drama.

Participate in LOL Shot.io an online first-person shooter, to engage in fierce, fast-paced, and most importantly, enjoyable multiplayer battles. Personalize your character, then go into the arena to compete in FFA rounds, sometimes known as "everyone for himself" games, which last for five minutes and require you to remove as many opponents as possible while attempting to stay alive. The gameplay will be very accurate, and the maps will have a design that is well suited to the confrontations, so the battles will be lightning-quick and tense. The battles will need a high level of strategy due to the presence of a large number of leaps, springboards, and teleporters. You will have access to eight unique weapons, some of which have extremely particular functions, such as the Lifegun, which can take an enemy's life, or the Flamethrower, which may set whole regions ablaze. Other benefits, like shields and damage multipliers, may also be collected from the map as you go. Keep in mind the locations of your preferred weapons and perks to increase your overall effectiveness in battles. The player who has the greatest score after the allotted time has been used will emerge victorious in this competition.


  • WASD or arrow keys: move
  • Left-click: shoot
  • Space or right-click: jump
  • Mouse wheel or 1-8: change weapons
  • Enter: chat
  • Esc: settings
  • Reload by picking up weapons