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About MineCraft.io

Welcome to the world of 3D games. MineCraft.io is a game with extremely attractive gameplay, you will create your own crafting weapons and mysterious bases.

In a flash version of MineCraft.io, players must locate food and shelter, collect resources, and construct bases. This web-based version of the well-known brand gives a fresh take on the multiplayer adventures players might have. You will be able to do all of the same activities as in the first game while controlling the protagonist from the top down. You may either create your own planet or join one that already exists in order to help or compete with other people. Discover worlds that are produced at random and change the appearance of your surroundings in an infinite number of different ways. To better handle challenging foes and creatures, you'll need to level up your character and equip them with the best gear you can make.

How to control

Move about by using the WASD keys, hold Shift to run, and strike with the left mouse button. Use the right mouse button to perform a variety of functions. To access the inventory, press E. Use the numbered keys from 1 to 8 to switch between the available spaces. The Q key removes the tool that is presently equipped. The aims and purposes are determined by the specific configuration of the server in question. Try out a variety of different play styles to see which one suits your play preferences the best.