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About MiniGiants.io

MiniGiants.io is a top favorite fun deathmatch game right now. You will transform into a tiny warrior attacking mighty wizards and giant beasts.

Control your own MiniGiant and engage in competition with other players to earn prizes. You have a variety of classes to pick from. You'll get bigger, stronger, and gain more stuff as you level up, which will strengthen your character.

How to quickly expand

In order to fast grow into MiniGiants, gather the colored shards that are hidden across the terrain. Battle foes to level up swiftly and play wisely by avoiding huge encounters. You will get stronger and more unstoppable as you continue to conquer the game!


You'll discover that when you defeat your enemies, they occasionally drop chests holding different odd objects. In addition to currency for item upgrades, the chests give goodies to your character. You may equip your character with things that increase your strength and base stats, such as armor, rings, and helmets. Keep an eye out for the rarest chests on the battlefield since they hold the most expensive items.


There are several courses in MiniGiants.io, each with a special benefit. The barbarian character by default has a 50% increase in stamina. As you go through the game and level up, more classes become available. Each MiniGiants class is:

  • Barbarians (level 0)
  • Tanks (level 3)
  • Fairy (level 6)
  • Amazon (level 9)
  • Necromancer (level 12)
  • Mage (level 15)
  • Cleric (level 18)
  • Beast (level 21)

Great features of the game

  • Characters you may unlock with added stats
  • Playable multiplayer battles
  • Your player will grow to absurd sizes.
  • Obtain better equipment to enhance your character.

How do you get started to play

  • To attack click the left mouse button.
  • To increase your speed use the right mouse button.