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Monkey Mart

About Monkey Mart

Currently, one of the most famous store management games is called Monkey Mart. Use your abilities to develop the fastest-growing supermarket possible.

Plant fruit trees, go from marketplace to marketplace, and either load the stalls with maize or bananas, or all three of these options. They will be collected by the customers, who will then wait at the cashier's counter for you. You have the option of advancing your character, opening up more job fields, or even hiring more personnel to aid you in the management of the store.

You will need to go between the several stations in order to plant and harvest crops like bananas and maize. Distribute your wares over your booth in such a way that visitors can easily find and pick the products they are interested in purchasing from you. After they have made their choices, customers will wait at the register until they are ready to pay for their purchases. As you go through the stages, you will unlock new abilities and become more valuable. The richness and realism of Monkey Mart are enhanced by the player's ability to cultivate their own farm and customize their character. In order to ensure that your company's operations run well, you need to acquire new personnel. A larger customer base indicates a larger market size. Soon, you will be able to participate in a variety of market diversification activities, such as operating popcorn machines, milking cows, raising animals, making ice cream, and producing other foods.

How do you start playing this game

  • Move = WASD or Arrow keys