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My Mini City

About My Mini City

You will be transformed into the mayor of a city when participating in the game My Mini City. This is a construction game, build the city the way you want.

It is necessary to build structures to entice people to stay in the city because it is in a very desolate state right now. The construction workers need your skillful command. You are about to go on an adventure into the vibrant 3D world of this idle construction game where you will be tasked with building open ground with various structures.

The goal of the game

Join the workers who are so eager to work with. Your goal is to build the structure of each batch. 8 lots with different buildings. Workers start working automatically when you enter a lot. They will take bricks from the pile and build from scratch.

They are slow at first and may need assistance. Every block they place earns you money. These coins increase three stats from the bottom menu. Profit increases by cents per brick, worker speed increases, and workers increase the number of workers on that batch.

Balancing these stats simplifies your task. However, these boosters were short-lived. Buy and personalize your building in the decoration menu.

Buildings provide gems and unlock levels. The in-game shop sells power-ups with gems.

The playing guidance

Tap the screen to have your first employee perform the task as quickly as possible. As you continue to build your first structure, you will collect coins, which you should use to buy more employees to complete tasks faster, while increasing profits and speed stats. degree.

By taking these steps, you will accumulate a substantial workforce of your clicks and you will build apartment complexes, shops, town halls, malls, and more. , all of which will attract people who will bring in more revenue for you.