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Noob Trolling Pro

About Noob Trolling Pro

Welcome to the great game space that Noob Trolling Pro brings. This is a puzzle game where you need to find ways to troll other characters in the game.

Explore each and every room in search of items that you can use to troll him, and if you don't want to get hurt, hide at the first sign of danger. Carefully study the path that you'll have to take in order to complete your mission, and try to get as many likes and views for your channel as you possibly can.

The gameplay

You can navigate the environment by moving about with the WASD keys, interacting with the environment by pressing E, using the tab key to bring up the binoculars, and using the 1, 2, and 3 keys to choose things to use anytime you want to do something interesting.

The Noob has a channel where he intends to troll the Pro, and you are going to assist him in doing the actions he intends to undertake at each level in order to get the maximum number of new subscribers.

For instance, the first thing you should do is acquire a pen and use it to scribble over the picture of the Pro that is hanging in his house. This will cause him to get quite enraged when he returns home and discovers what you have done.

The objective will get increasingly challenging to complete as you go through the levels, but we guarantee that this will also make the game more enjoyable. Begin right now, and you will see for yourself!