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Original Rummikub

About Original Rummikub

Original Rummikub is a strategy game where you can play against online players around the world. Your task is to find a way to put all the chips on the table.

106 tiles make up the game: 104 colored tiles + 2 jokers. From 1 to 13 are displayed on each checker in the following four colors: black, blue, yellow, and red. Apart from the jokers, all the checkers show up twice. The remaining tiles are set aside and you can draw one each turn. Each player is dealt 14 tiles at random, which are then placed on their shelf.

Outstanding Features

  • You can set up a personal table or invite loved ones over.
  • With the goal of becoming a Rummikub Master, play online against millions of other players around the world.
  • Create a public board that you can customize.
  • Decide on the number of opponents, the length of the turn, and the difficulty level.
  • Alternatively, you can check your Facebook friends list to see which friends are online and send them invitations to play the fun traditional game of Rummikub with you.

This traditional family game has become one of the most popular over the years thanks to its winning combination of strategy, luck, and fierce competition. Test your chips carefully to find the most attractive color and number combinations.