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Pou Game

About Pou Game

Pou Game is a unique pet game for your entertainment. Your task is to take care of the little aliens, eat and bathe, to grow up as quickly as possible.

Help Pou grow!

The requirements of Pou are the same as yours and mine. Wash Pou with soap, give them a variety of tasty goodies and look through a closet full of unique garments to choose cool outfits for Pou to wear.

Have fun with Pou and his activities.

Pou is always up for a good game. And I'm sure you do as well. To maintain a large grin on Pou's face, you may keep him entertained by playing hill drive, sky hop, water hop, jet Pou, and food drop.

You may even take your pet with you outdoors to play even more games with them! After you've finished having fun for the day, be sure to clean up Pou.

Gain experience by doing routine activities.

You will be given daily activities to accomplish in order to earn additional experience points (XP) each day. These assignments will offer activities such as dressing up Pou and progressing through levels.

How to play

To interact with Pou and the other things on the screen, either use the mouse or touch the screen. Take note of the directions that are shown on the screen.