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About Punchers

This will definitely be a great game for those who love boxing. Punchers is a game with a ragdoll physical style. The powerful punch will make you disappear tired.

Since the game has such well-made mechanics, the combat seems to be far more genuine than it does in most other games. You shouldn't have any trouble getting the hang of it since the controls aren't very complicated. You have access to a number of different settings, such as the training mode, the classic mode, and the slow mode, among others. On the same computer, you may compete against the computer's artificial intelligence or against a buddy. However, there is no career mode accessible, therefore it is quite easy to get uninterested in the game. Nonetheless, make sure you try out the game since it's well worth your time.

How to play Punchers

  • Left player, utilize the WASD keys as well as the Y and U keys.
  • Use the arrow keys and the 1, and 2 numeric pad to play as the right player.