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Rock Buster 3D

About Rock Buster 3D

Experience moments of excitement in the new video game Rock Buster 3D. You will control the tank and destroy all the rocks in the way before you hit them.

Your off-road vehicle may encounter stones of different sizes while moving. You will mount the gun on your off-road vehicle. All stones in its path will be destroyed when you shoot from it. By paving the way, you can also collect minerals scattered on the ground. You'll do this by playing the all-new, immersive online game Rock Buster 3D.

Rule of play

  • The tank will move continuously, so the navigation needs to be very fast, you shoot and destroy the rocks, and eat lightning to increase strength.
  • Choose to upgrade your income to be able to earn more.
  • Destroy the rock to obtain the symbol and gain some free boosters.
    triple the sum you receive.

Basic features.

  • Various zones in 3D environments
  • Playing that is challenging and addictive
  • Powerful free boosters for tank models