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About Rodha

Rodha is an amazing and emotional 2D platform game where you have to make your way through difficult levels full of traps and loads of platforms to win.

Outstanding features of the game

  • Enjoy playing 60 levels, each of which is completely unique!
  • 9 Unique characters.
  • 11 calming color schemes with varying hues and tones
  • Pass via the many gateways available.
  • Gameplay is both entertaining and fast-paced.
  • Rodha is a simple environment, and you must navigate it.

How to play this unique game

You will need to avoid being hurt when you jump through the stages. Gather coins for subsequent improvements. There are cannons, moving saws, and a whole host of other devices that are designed to halt you in your tracks. If you die, you will be sent back to the most recent checkpoint.

Visit the store with the coins you've collected to buy one of the 12 different skins available for your character. Rodha has sixty difficult levels and a choice of five different color schemes for your convenience.