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Shell Shockers

About Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers is a very popular action game these days. This game has a lot of people wanting to win because it offers a lot of thrilling experiences.

In Shell Shockers, when fighting in wars in different worlds, you have the right to use a variety of weapons, including sniper rifles, pistols, grenades, vegetables, and more. You need to protect yourself in the egg image.

The online multiplayer first-person shooter game called Shell Shockers features the characters as eggs armed with guns. You will be in charge of one of these eggs if you play any one of these three types of online games: Capture the Spatula destroy your opponents with gunfire and explosives in groups, free for all, and free. fee for all groups.

Team: Choose either the red team or the blue team, then use your abilities to engage in combat inside the enemy's eggs to assist your team in achieving as many kills as possible.

Everyone can participate; Each egg will defend itself in the fight. In this mode, there is only one winner when shooting if you find an egg, like in fighting games.

The game Captula the Spatula is played by two teams, a red team and a blue team. The team in possession of the spoon accumulates points on successful kills but loses points when a player is eliminated.

Certain weapons you need to know when playing this action game

  • EggK-47 (use in Soldiers)
  • Twelve Gauge (use in Scrambler)
  • RPEGG (use in Eggsploder)
  • CSG-1 (use in Free Ranger)
  • SMEGG (use in Whipper)
  • M2DZ (use in Crackshot)
  • TriHard
  • Call 9mm (Secondary pistol - Always have)
  • Grenade (Always have)

How to control the game

  • Move about by using the WASD or Arrow buttons. Jump with the spacebar.
  • LMB is used to shoot, while LShift is used to aim.
  • To launch a grenade, press Q.
  • R: Reloading your weapon