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About Sonic.io

If you love the green hedgehog character, Sonic.io is an action game you definitely cannot ignore. Join the game to help the character attack or dodge enemies.

Throughout the course of the race, you will come across foes who appear out of nowhere, and it is up to you to either dodge them or eliminate them. This game utilizes gameplay and characters that are quite similar to those seen in the old SEGA game! You will be in charge of a character that resembles Sonic, and your objective will be to sprint across the level and collect gold rings. Have fun with all of the exciting activities that this game has to offer, and see if you can succeed at all of the difficulties that are included in this game.

Features of the game

  • Enemies that spawn at random and are capable of shooting lethal attacks
  • Rings that can be collected
  • Fullscreen enabled
  • Platform

How to controls

  • You may direct the movement with the clicks of your mouse.
  • To go quickly, click and hold down the left mouse button.